Contact Me


I can be contacted by telephone on 07928537774. If I am unable to answer the telephone, please leave a message giving your contact details, a brief outline of your request and the best times to contact you.


If you would prefer to use email to contact me in the first instance, then I can also be contacted at Some people prefer to use this for their very first contact with me as they find it a little less threatening.

Contact me if you are unsure if I can be of help

If you are unsure what to expect or are uncertain as to whether counselling can be of help to you, then please contact me for a discussion. We do not need to speak about your circumstances in full, but a brief conversation will enable me to answer any questions you have and help us decide if I am able to meet your needs. If I am not able to help you, I will try to re-direct you to a more suitable service.

Leaving and sending messages

Please think carefully about what you say if leaving a telephone message or sending an email.  It is best to avoid leaving information that is sensitive, intimate or overly detailed in case there is an unanticipated breach of data.

I will always do my best to respond to you within two working days.